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Accommodation in London: Student residence or shared house?

If you are a student or an intern looking for accommodation in London you should think about choosing between a Student residence and a Shared house. Your choice will depend on your expectations, lifestyle and budget. So, what are the… Continue reading →

Top tips to help you prepare for graduate job interviews

Getting an interview is an achievement in itself as many jobs online, especially graduate roles attract hundreds of applications. I have recently received over 170 applications for…

How to deal with unfulfilled expectations on your new intern

So, you hired an intern that fitted all your criteria and aced the interview. The hype is up and you can’t wait to see the results your fresh new intern promised to bring to your company. Then his first week… Continue reading →

The benefits of your online CV

Having an online or digital CV is the next step for job searches and recruitment, it seems that more and more people are moving towards the idea of an online resume, and here are a few benefits of your digital CV and what it can do for you.

Retraining and interning later in life: Is it a growing trend?

A lot of older people have decided to change their career later in life. While your internship might not be quite as comical as the film, adult learning has become extremely popular and there are so many opportunities out there these days.

Building a Business Around Interns – An Interview with our Co-Founder Rui Zamith

Internwise is a job board for internships, connecting talented individuals with employers who require additional work force. Over 100,000 candidates use or have used Internwise to find an internship.

Do you need a digital CV?

Deciding whether you want to post your resume online can be a hard decision, as some companies still appreciate the paper application and a posted/hand-given CV, however, with the online world growing more and more each day it is worth considering.

CV myths busted!

When it comes to writing a CV, especially in the modern and digital age, the lines are incredibly blurred. There are so many unspoken rules flying around that it can be difficult to know what should or shouldn’t be included in your CV.

Why it is acceptable to ask for feedback

Constructive criticism and supportive feedback are essential for employees and job seekers to fully understand where their talents and abilities lie, and what areas they need to improve on.

Employers: How to offer a great internship

When businesses and employers decide to host internships, they’re offering a fantastic opportunity for individuals to gain experience about the area of work they are interested in; wrapped up in an available format of an entry-level and/or temporary position.

Being Interviewed: The Basics

The search for an internship can be a long, tedious struggle. After sending your CV to as many different internships as possible and getting one, possibly two replies back for an interview it can take you by surprise.

How internships are a better learning experience than the classroom

Internships aren’t perfect for each individual, however, they offer a completely different atmospheric learning experience than anything else out there; therefore, whether it is only for one month or for an entire year…

The tell-tale signs this internship isn’t right for you

Sometimes the grass seems greener on the other side and this can apply to internships and work experiences also. It can feel too good to be true – and in some cases it is. But, when you start an internship, how do you know that it isn’t working out…

Recruiting interns – why a second interview can help

When you have an internship position available, hiring the right person for the job is harder than employers think. Some companies believe that just because it is an internship that they should make the application and interview…

Where employers should look for interns

Employers can benefit greatly from hosting internships and work experience schemes that they offer. Whether you are looking for an entry-level intern or someone with prior experience in your field of work, you can find…

How to get noticed around the office

When you finally receive the offer of an internship it is important to get noticed around the office and be remembered when you leave – this can enable future employability as well as practice great networking, here are some tips…

Odd questions you might stumble through in an interview

No matter how many interviews you’ve attended, no two are the same, especially the questions you get asked. Even companies in the same line of business can ask a completely different set of questions!

How to find the perfect internship for you

An internship can change your career but finding the right one for you won’t be easy. Although any internship is a learning experience, finding the best one that fits your career aspirations will provide you with the right…

How to write your digital CV

Writing your CV is harder than it looks, especially if it is a digital version and will be available online. As employers can more easily access potential applicants CVs online, the process has been sped up.

How hiring interns will benefit the business

Considering to hire interns may come to businesses at some point in their life, and the advantages will always weigh heavier than the disadvantages.

How start-ups can fill the talent gap

When you are starting a company and doing almost everything on your own you will realize that you need assistance to aliviate some of the workload and focus on activities that really matter for your business (healthy) growth.

What is a competency-based interview?

Competency-based interviews are designed to establish how your skills meet with the job specification. The questions will be focused around how a task or situation tested you in previous roles.

Essentials When Doing an Internship

Congratulations if you’ve landed a place on an internship, they’re an invaluable experience and will be a time you’ll remember for the rest of your life. Internships are a good way to learn the ropes in an office environment…

Job Interviews: Practice Makes Perfect

The search for that dream job or internship can at times seem endless and daunting. With one interview after another and one assessment day after another, one can start to feel like time has been wasted if the ideal…

How to find hidden internships

We all know that interning can be great for future career prospects, but securing that all-important, challenging-yet-rewarding position can be tough. Many businesses have been downsizing in the economic downturn, and so offering placement schemes can seem like one more… Continue reading →

What is your body language really saying?

It is believed that body language is the true key to effective communication. What we “say” to one another is 93% non-verbal while only 7% is through words. This is why it’s important you’re not only aware of the words… Continue reading →

6 Tips For Dressing For An Interview

For young people entering the job market, one of the most daunting prospects can be undergoing an interview. Of course, there’s an exciting aspect to the interview process…

Top five job interview mistakes

It’s hard to remain self-aware in an interview there is so much to think about. I, for one, tend to spiral into a “panic mode” and make silly blunders rooted in nerves rather than incompetency. However, if you are aware… Continue reading →

Make or break time: The first 30 seconds in a job interview

I’m going to tell you a story, one that I think perfectly illustrates why first impressions are so vital to interview success. A couple of years ago, I met with a lady who wanted me to write copy for her… Continue reading →

Standing Out in Your Sector

We all look up to someone, whether they’re a family member or someone famous, there’s an idol in every job sector. This person is known and has connections, they are recognised for being capable in their job and doing it… Continue reading →

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