Internwise is an online job board platform for the niche of Internship recruitment.

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Since 2010, Internwise aims to help reducing the Youth unemployment rates.

All started in the UK and we have been expanding to different regions.

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Launched in October 2010

+300,000 registered Candidates

Network of over 15,000 Employers

Launched in April 2020

+10,000 registered Candidates

Network of over 500 Employers

Launched in August 2020

+1,000 registered Candidates

Network of over 100 Employers


Launched in September 2020


Launched in September 2020


Companies already trusting our services
An entrepreneur passion!

Internwise is an independent owned job board platform that’s been providing internship recruitment connections in the UK since 2010. Our roots are not in the recruitment sector but we feel responsible to help Employers directly connect with the Graduates community and get them an entry-level role. We’re proud of our unique recruitment heritage and what we’ve learned from it: A strong and simple idea, with a little bit of hard work and good values leads to a timeless service.

From our UK base in London, we offer simple and online recruitment services to over 15,000 Employers and half a million candidates across the UK. The ambition is to set Internwise as a global brand aiming to help reduce the Youth Unemployment rates.

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Internwise target audience

Internwise Partners with Unis around the world to place their end "product"

Internwise will assist Graduates to be employable

Internwise will connect directly Employers with Talented Graduates